Winter’s Coming

22 thoughts on “Winter’s Coming”

  1. The afternoon opened for me as I hiked through your posts. It even feels like fresh air has been piped in through my laptop… and I look forward to exploring some more. This is where my heart is.
    Just as an aside… one particularly frigid winter where the snows stayed from November through mid-April, the deer population was hit hard. I did some research and found that the digestive system of the indigenous deer in Upstate NY, where I was living at the time, goes through a transformation. The deer can only digest twigs and such that are naturally available to them at this time of year. Even putting out alfalfa for them to forage would only fill their stomachs without them being able to digest it. Sigh…
    So happy I found your blog today! Nice to meet you Thomas…

  2. Your love for nature sings through your stunning landscapes and thoughtful words. I enjoyed viewing your photos. I love the shot of the deer. How fortunate you are to have them nearby to observe. Keep walking the nature trail. Best Wishes!

  3. Again, your photos are beautiful but I especially like the first one in this post. Gorgeous sky and a great angle.Won’t be seeing any snow where I live and I am much poorer for it. I have always loved the change in seasons. Where i live now (Florida) it is pretty much summer all the time. Originally from NYC..

  4. Winter is here in the part of Michigan where I live. We’ve got several inches of snow packing in despite a couple of above-freezing days.
    Can’t decide whether I prefer the top or bottom pic best. Guess I don’t have to choose 😉

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