The Woods Are Now Silent

14 thoughts on “The Woods Are Now Silent”

  1. Thank you for such nourishing New Year’s refreshment, I just came across your blog after a visit to Louise’s (Wings Over Waters). And I love the simple, elegant design… A breath of crystal pure air!

  2. Beautiful and compelling compliment of words and photos. These I know are not easy pics to capture. I have seen many loon (diving) and many deer (white tail up crashing through the woods) the past few months. The photos have proven more allusive. Thank you for your follow. I have followed you as well. Happy New Year. 😀

  3. What a wonderful piece of writing, I wish I could visit these forests one day and feel the evocativeness of this piece in the flesh 🙂 I know exactly what *silence* feels like just now in my woods. How did you come across that beautiful deer?

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