5 thoughts on “Sauntering”

  1. So many mixed feelings that this quote brings up… A longing to spend four hours a day in the woods, a feeling of guilt that to do so would mean not doing all the things we ‘should’ be doing in our lives, another voice that says if we did take more time to do nothing but be in touch with ourselves and with nature we would probably accomplish more of greater worth in our lives…!

      1. (hanging head in shame)……..I still haven’t finished the book.

        I read the chapter containing the above-mentioned sentence plus 2-3 more chapters online…….loved his musings on Nature, and then ordered the book from Amazon US (I live in Australia), Walden – Henry D Thoreau (a fully annotated edition – edited Jeffrey S Cramer) but am struggling as the font is so small. I’m about third of the way through it.

        (I am extremely shortsighted and even with thick glasses, find some fonts a bit heavy going these days. Ordering online meant I didn’t see the font size before purchasing).

        But I DO love Thoreau’s musings on the simple things in life – they echo so much of my own thoughts. I love his comments about bathing for instance. I love his observations of Nature in it’s tiniest form. He obviously notices the small details, as I do myself. I guess I feel as though he is a kindred spirit.

        Note: I had to give away or donate many of the fiction books on my shelves when I changed from bi-focal contact lenses back to thick glasses in 2010. 40 yrs of contact lens wearing has caused corneal exhaustion and my eyes dry out dreadfully and I’m allergic to all the eye drops I’ve tried so far.

        I’ve only got about 450 books left – mostly travel, wilderness living, mountaineering or Buddhist philosophy with a sprinkling of photography, psychology, alternative therapies and indigenous medical practices. I’ve got 4-5 books half read at the moment (including Thoreau). Photography is taking up most of my spare time these days…….and yes, surprisingly, I can take a fairly decent photo (on Auto Focus of course).

      2. Well even with perfectly good eyesight like myself, Walden can be slow going. Thoreau writes in a unique way and sometimes you have to read over certain sections a couple times to really get what he is saying. I guess I like his writing for some of his nature philosophy and because he makes me think. I agree with about 75-80% of Walden and disagree with the rest, but that is why I like it. It challenges me to really think about the issues Thoreau presents his readers with.

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