The Goal

9 thoughts on “The Goal”

  1. I must say I’m not a reblogger either, but since I’ve started adding more tags, I seem to get more readership. And sad to say, the more I comment on other people’s blogs, the more I seem to get my blog checked out in return. The trouble is that I’m following so many blogs, I don’t get as much time to get outdoors doing photography, so it kind of negates my whole philosophy on encouraging people to get out in nature and enjoy the simple pleasures it brings (as you do).

    It’s a two-edged sword – this blog ‘following’.

    This week I am not blog following at all (except yours Thomas…….. and a couple of old blogging friends), so I can get some much needed chores done, both on the computer and out in the garden.

    1. I completely understand Vicki! I did the commenting and following thing for some time and to be honest it got very tiring! However, it is super hard to simply get followers via posting alone at least from my experience! You are right that it is a double edged sword! Thanks for looking at my blog though!

      1. You’re welcome. I’ve enjoyed your writing.

        Actually, I’m beginning to really enjoy my rest from blog ‘following’ this week. It was becoming a chore (instead of a pleasure). I’m seriously thinking of UNfollowing some of the old blogs. I really need to finish reading the books on my side table. It takes soooooo long for me to read a book these days.

        I spent too much time listening to bird calls these days. When I woke this morning, I could hear a new kind of little tweet coming from somewhere near. I got up and peered out the bedroom window trying to locate it, but couldn’t, so I got back into bed and just lay there listening. Yes, some may call me eccentric, but nothing is sweeter than chicks tweeting to each other or calling for their Mother. Nothing is more relaxing than watching the wind in the tree tops or the sound of water trickling.

        I have never read any of John Muir’s writing – maybe that can be something to look forward to in the approaching winter (in a few month’s time). Any recommendations?

      2. I love John Muir’s writing. He writes with such passion, heart and beauty. I would highly recommend “My First Summer in the Sierra” from what I have read of Muir that is my favorite book. The biography on Muir called “A Passion for Nature” is one of the best books I have read in a long time.

  2. Reblogged this on Life in the City with a Future and commented:
    I almost never reblog. I never reblog because someone requests it to increase their readership. But I know many readers on my site have enjoyed my Sunday slideshows of my nature walks — so I thought you would enjoy the beautiful photographs on this site. Tom I hope you get your wish for many more people to come and enjoy nature with you.

  3. Sorry I wish I could help spread your words and wonderful images on nature, but I do not reblog or use twitter and FB regularly. I find readers discover new blogs (to them) by clicking on comments left on other blogs. I had a sidebar of links on my site and people came to my blog to use that list daily. Some days it was 500 or more clicks on those links. I took it down but now they click the links in comments. You might try looking into links.

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