The Joy of Splitting Wood

7 thoughts on “The Joy of Splitting Wood”

  1. “…the satisfaction of laying in a supply of wood beyond my immediate needs, and a joy that came.”
    A greater sense of security than can be attained by fences and surveillance…
    To think that Sigurd Olson had this observation so long ago is sobering.

  2. Nice photo to go with the excerpt.
    There’s something about cutting wood and then laying a good fire that brings us to that feeling of being connected to Nature that I really love. Haven’t made a fire for many years I must say.

  3. Ah, yes! The joys of labor. Many forms have been nearly forgotten in our haste to live. In being so hasty, in embracing convenience, we’ve piled on the lack of joy, accomplishment, contentment.

    I can tell you that my hands submerged in warm soapy dishwater as I gaze out the kitchen window, the rhythmic pulling of weeds and sorting out the good plants from the bad – seeing the soil, the insects, the native plants – these tasks provide the best forms of therapy and launch the best planning sessions I’ve ever had.

    Life’s problems get sorted during physical tasks, and you get to know the details of the labor – something we’ve rushed past and missed along life’s convenient course. Great post, thanks for sharing. )

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