The Necessity of Wilderness

12 thoughts on “The Necessity of Wilderness”

  1. True, true, true. If we lose what is wild, we will lose ourselves. I am so glad to see your blog out there, in here, bringing us back to what matters. And pleased to see you are following my blog, the focus of which is memoir and its various aspects.

  2. Dusk, sunset, and daytime….through the varying moods of a day, and you added in those inviting images with calm water reflections. Nature as a haven of tranquility. Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos, Thomas. 🙂

  3. These are stunning! The first two, especially breathtaking. The amazingly calm water produce such beautiful reflections. I just love these.

    1. I always find it hard to differentiate sometimes between sunset and sunrise. LOL! Maybe because I am in a city where these kind of fantastic views are not seen that often due to high rise buildings. Aaargh!

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