23 thoughts on “Fawns”

  1. I stumbled upon one hiding under a large patch of kudzu. I was so interested in identifying the plants surviving with the kudzu that I didn’t see the fawn until it darted away. Real shame I didn’t point my camera at it before that moment! Great pictures!

  2. Wonderful photos and I for one, with poor memory, don’t usually recognise if you’ve posted any of these images before, so I’m happy to review them.

    (BTW I often repost old images as new followers won’t have seen them. Sometimes old images fit the current post storyline anyway).

  3. Gorgeous photos but to me the fawns look very, very vulnerable and the eyes make them look resigned to their fate. So lucky it was only a camera being fired off.

  4. I spotted a fawn last summer as I watched the sunrise. He was bleating for his mother, who was in the nearby forest. She came to him and he followed her back into the forest. She looked at me a few times, I guess deciding that I was no threat.

    I won’t ever forget that. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos, and reminding me of my own story! They are indeed such glorious, elegant creatures.

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