A Beaver Pond

29 thoughts on “A Beaver Pond”

  1. What a beautiful place. The pictures capture that and hold it in time. Who knows what will be in that same spot 100 years from now.

  2. I, along with you and others wish to open people’s eyes not only to the beauty around them but also to the fact that the north has just as much to offer as the south. I love them both equally. I think I have some beaver dams upcoming in a post. Saw great sights the other day and it was late December. The north is great except during blizzards and extreme lows. I am thinking of trails with tracks now that the snow is down -well it will probably be rained away shortly. Nice one!

  3. What a wonderful landscape and reserve to enjoy. How lucky we are when we commune with nature. One of the best most refreshing ways to counteract busy days and modern technology.

  4. Beautiful photos and you are so right – they are nowhere because they are lost between the real world and the digital world. You see it everywhere you go with people walking at the beach staring at a phone, to people pushing a cart in a store staring at a phone. I can certainly visualize the hiker mentioned above just walking off a cliff. It is amazing there aren’t more of those instances. They are going to wake up one day from their social media stupor and realize they’ve wasted a good portion of their life.

  5. Tranquility at it’s best.. You have a very keen eye! these shots are as if time was standing still.. wouldn’t that be grand 🙂 HNY!

  6. The area is stunning and you captured the beauty and color perfectly! We had a hiker near San Diego walk off a cliff while hiking the coast trail, staring at his cell phone, and fall to his death last week…so sad!

  7. What a beautiful place, how lucky you are to live near this area. Cellphones seem to break the silence everywhere anymore and that is very sad. People are losing touch with nature, its beauty and its silence. I often threaten to throw my cellphone in the dishwater when someone calls me and I am extremely busy. lol I remember the days of no – computers, or cellphones. Love silence,especially when I am observing nature, noting every little creature, every hill and tree. Nice post.

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