Once More! Once More!

30 thoughts on “Once More! Once More!”

  1. Hi Thomas! Thank you for your following! Your photos are so breathtaking, I hope I can learn a lot from you, especially about photography because I have a deep interest but also have to learn a lot more!! Keep inspiring!


  2. Thank you for your follow on my blog today Tom. You are very lucky to live close to nature as you describe it. You have beautiful breathtaking pictures. It is true that ” In getting and spending we lay waste our powers, Little we see in nature that is ours” in the words of William Wordsworth. It’s one of the powers I’d like to reclaim this year 🙂

  3. Beautiful. I try every morning to see the sunrise, almost always alone. I try every evening to see the sunset, normally with my husband. Those who do not seek to rise early and view the morning sky are missing God’s beauty and glory. Amazing how the sunrise and sunset change so drastically and so suddenly.

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