The Evening Light in a Bog

13 thoughts on “The Evening Light in a Bog”

  1. Your world is beautiful. I am amazed by the stunning photos and gallery in your page. Thank you so much for following my Blog so I could follow yours. I’ll be looking forward to have a nature overdose in your posts!

  2. Thank you for turning us to the symphony that surrounds us in our natural world. It is such a fascinating world.
    I also really appreciate your stopping by my blog and liking it.

  3. Nice to meet someone with the same mindset my friend, Im surrounded by culture ans nature, keep youe eye out for the images I capture, But if they look out of sorets colour wise,, the reason my site is called is because colour confuses me, so cut me a little slack if the colour isnt right for you,, because its right for me, but thanks for showing me your mindset when you seek you,peace and nature, Regards, Delboy

  4. Your world is far removed from mine (in the as-tame-as-it-comes south of England) but it is sublimely beautiful. It is a privilege to share it, even if only in pixel form. Thank you for letting me in. Nick

  5. A lot of people don’t appreciate swamps, but I love exploring them (well, apart from the mosquitoes). There is so much life in them, if we take the time to look. A drop of water from them under a microscope yields so many discoveries. I love the almost deafening sound of frog calls too. It’s becoming harder and harder to see native frogs in suburbia as the introduced cane toad has taken over. Swamps allow our gorgeous native frogs a refuge to breed. Loved the quote and loved the pics. Thanks!

  6. Swamps and bogs…still and subtle, magical places of transition. Both words and pictures so expressive of these so important and vital habitats for our wildlife, insects, plants and so much more. Really loved this post and a lovely muted light. Thank you once again for an amazing peek into another world!

  7. Ha YES ….I like this …an appreciation of nature in ALL its glory …’s like different species of animal isn’t it ? …..why for example do we tend to prefer butterflies to moths ….butterflies are beautiful no doubt ….but if you get to know a little about moths too they are indeed also beautiful creatures …..
    Not a WOW this time Tom ….more a subtle Hmmmmmmm re the pictures and the words ….food for thought and appreciation none the less ….a little like the butterfly v moth effect:D:D:D

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