Pillars of Time

12 thoughts on “Pillars of Time”

  1. These are exquisite photos. They brought back memories of the land around my dad’s house. I spent hours out there just appreciating nature, and photographing everything in different stages and in beauty. These are lovely pictures. You are indeed talented. peace

  2. Oh, such beautiful photos, so rich and green! Your post is, for me, timely. At this moment, I am very aware of the many aging trees in my immediate area — so many venerable maples slowly exfoliating bark in a manner that suggests they approach the end of their lives. I understand the necessity in an abstract, intellectual way — but not emotionally…their absence will mark profound change on my small area. I will not live to see their replacements attain such lofty aspects — if there are any…people here to not rush to plant trees. So thank you for the reminder of the broader perspective. 🙂

  3. Moving wise words and such magnificent photographs. The circle of Life captured in the decaying wood, acting as host to new life growing over it! Truly, truly very beautiful. Thank you,

  4. Dear Tom,
    These photo’s really caught my eye… I especially love the close up (second photo) of the trunks. The lines and swirls they create, the redish/brown with the green moss highlights is truly beautiful! Amazing shots, love them!

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