A Silent Spring Evening

17 thoughts on “A Silent Spring Evening”

  1. Awesome imagery around your country, It is coming into winter, but in the midst of Autumn it is so colourful here in the hills.

  2. What a delightful narrative; a silent spring evening! I felt as if I was reading a novel. Stunning pictures, too. 😊

  3. I know that intellectually we should appreciate that the animals alert each other to our presence, being the ultimate predator, but it is miserable – we (you or I) would not harm them. We only shoot with cameras. But they do not know so we are shunned! Beautiful images as always.. c

  4. Thank you so for this beautiful gift of exquisite words and pictures. Breath-taking and inspirational. I cannot be where you are but I do so appreciate your sharing these wonderful experiences my friend! 🙂

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