Wild Things

14 thoughts on “Wild Things”

  1. I completely agree, and I am one who cannot live without it. I love being outdoors breathing fresh air, watching and photographing animals, birds, flowers, etc. I would not want to live in a city where everything around you is manmade. I have recently begun taking walks two to three times a week just to get out and breathe the air and enjoy walking where I can see lots of trees, squirrels, etc.
    Your photos are beautiful as well.

  2. We’ve lost so many wild places and wild things. Sometimes it saddens me a little, in a selfish way, for me and my progeny. I am bolstered by the difficult-to-accept but peace-bringing knowledge that Mother Nature and our little blue ball will ultimately prevail. In a thousand years or a million, it will be as though the human parasite never existed.
    In the meantime : SHAMELESS PROMOTION: Everyone can help to save our wild places and wild things.

    The Nature Conservancy (www.nature.org) buys and leases wild lands, managing them to return them to the wild. Many of these places are designated “Forever Wild”, and cannot be developed.

    The Audubon Society (www.audubon.org) does more than birdwatching. Through Citizen Science, member observers report counts and migrations to be compiled into databases to study bird populations worldwide. The Audubon Society works with other agencies to help protect and restore vital bird habitats, which benefits all wild things.

    These are just two of my favorites. There are many organizations seeking to protect and restore the wild things and spaces of our world. Please don’t sit idly by and lament their loss. Every little bit counts.

    Take care, and keep in touch,


  3. Your words and pictures are like soul food. I am a mini-wilderness person. When my son was in junior high my husband and I canoed and camped in the Algonquin National Park in Canada with our son and the church youth group. I loved simply being in nature. In later years I’ve always kept company with squirrels, chipmunks, song birds, geese and trees outside my city windows. The sky is my companion. 🙂

  4. Love those pictures. I agree that we are losing those wonderful wild places, along with the animals and plants that made them special. I’m not a wilderness person, but I value those spaces and the people who are drawn to them.

  5. I echo your truth, Tom. I find peace and wholeness in the natural world, a sustaining assurance of belonging, with all of our relations. When the separations, the human/other dynamics begin to melt away, and there is simply relationship and mutual “be”-ing in a place, it seems that it is a good thing. This is true, this can last, this is as it should be. As a young person, I too heard this in John Denver’s music, and now, much later in life when I am consciously seeking to step away from the mindlessness of modernity, I am beginning the feel the reality. Thank you for sharing.

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