Someplace Quiet

12 thoughts on “Someplace Quiet”

  1. Although I live in an inner city, my neighborhood is located in a park like setting. You can hear owls calling in the night and hawks calling during the day. I also live close enough to some metro parks that give you the sense of wilderness that I love to hike. Just to be close to the stillness restores my soul with peace and tenderness. Thank you for the lovely pictures and words. May your day be filled with much joy and beauty of nature.

  2. I was just telling my husband, yesterday, that we need to move where there are no plane paths overhead, no lawnmowers and blowers, no cars going past, no street lamps in our eyes, etc. Yes, we want Someplace Quiet, please! Lovely post.

  3. When I was a child, living at the edge of a small town in farming country, I spent much of my time a mile or so from town, in a large pasture with a small stream and pond. Just nature sounds, since the pasture was seldom occupied by cattle. Those old trees were plum and cottonwood. Quiet and shady, winds flowing through the leaves overhead.

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