The Way of the Canoe

21 thoughts on “The Way of the Canoe”

  1. Those blues of the water and the reflections are great, can hear that gentle slap of the paddle. Normally paddle single-handed, hadn’t realised two-up the view is a bit like cycling a tandem!

  2. Very nice post. It makes me wish that I had a canoe as there are two rivers down the hill from my house that are excellent for canoeing and kayaking. Hoping to learn how to kayak this year.

  3. Wonderful to breathe peace from your canoeing. Thanks. I remember several summers when my son’s church youth group canoed in the Algonquin Park in Canada. My husband, his canoe and his dog went along to help lead. I went along to experience the simplicity of living with only the basic necessities. I loved hearing loons cry and seeing an occasional moose.

  4. That’s something special. I remember paddling along the Thames through the night, perfectly quiet, and still. Not quite a wilderness, but it was compared to arriving in London in the morning, it felt like one.

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