Snowy Silence

15 thoughts on “Snowy Silence”

  1. Love your photography and attitude. Thanks for following my blog. I can’t claim to be the photographer you are, and my blog is all over the board, but it’s based on a deep love for nature and our environment. Looking forward to following your trails.

  2. What a solitary scene. I love the quietness, and it’s so quiet that you could hear the slightest noise. I have a glimpse of your Fall at the Beaver Pond. A beautiful contrast to the snow scene. We watch the nature video and learned how the beavers build their ponds by piling up the trigs to create the ponds. Thank you for sharing!

  3. How beautiful! I love snow covered woods and hiking in the snow. We haven’t had much snow this winter in Southwestern Ohio so hiking has been kind of bland. Thanks for sharing! Love the pictures.

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