The Moose River

22 thoughts on “The Moose River”

  1. Tom, this was a really great post! Loved your descriptions of the Moose River. Your words really painted it beautifully! The photos? Absolutely, fantastic!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and following! I look forward to your new posts too!

  2. Thank you for your like of my post “Willow Madness” and for the follow. So glad it brought me to your blog. Enjoyed your “Moose River” post – beautiful pics- and am signing on to follow.

  3. Very lovely pictures that make me feel like I am there. Love the fall colors and the descriptions of the river. I have never seen spruce grouse before so thank you for sharing this. This is the type of area that I would definitely love to hike and spend time at.

  4. These photos are lovely — so saturated with color and texture…I almost feel as though I can hear the wind in the trees and the water’s voice. And I absolutely adore the Spruce Grouse! It must have taken a good eye to find them, given their how their coloration mimics the surrounding foliage and shadow. Thank you for sharing.

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