Relics of the Northwoods

13 thoughts on “Relics of the Northwoods”

  1. Perhaps the lumberjacks
    responded to the melody of Pan’s flute,
    heard only in their souls,
    and felt the forest’s eternal majesty
    tug their simple thoughts away
    from riches
    just long enough
    to pass the future kings of the wood

  2. I loved this visual and visceral feast of wonder and connection with people past as well as present and wider life. The final picture of the yellow leaves with sharp water drops, framed between trunks …. ahhhhh, I let a long breath out. Inspired to go outside now into nature

  3. Very wonderful expression regarding a forest. I think that most people who go hiking in the woods miss the beauty and wonder of the trees around them. Most of them are too busy either talking with their friends or on their phones. During Winter, one gets a totally new perspective of a tree. You can see the trunk and the branch structures which have their own personality that gets muted when the trees are fully leaved. Thank you for the lovely pictures.

  4. “I like to think that the lumbermen drew near their trunks with a double handled saw, and a thunderstorm blew in just as they were about to break through the cambium. Or perhaps a hive of bees once resided between the massive anchoring roots, unintentionally warding off any man looking to send the giant tree down river. Whatever the reason, I am grateful because a hundred years after the forests were logged, I lean my pack against one of the remaining giants, using its great roots as an armchair and rest.” ~Beautiful ending….Thank you Austin Homkes and, Tom.

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