Spring is Near

37 thoughts on “Spring is Near”

  1. Remembering one of your photographs from this post, I wrote a poem on my Quilted Poetry blog, this morning. Thank you for your photos!

    Evening walk
    by Lizl Bennefeld, 25 July 2018

    honey-dark amber
    reflected in the water
    the sunset sky

    dark clouds dot the surface
    stepping-stones across the lake

  2. Wow! Your pictures are beautiful. I look for the reflection of land in the water when I am taking pictures by water and you have captured this quite well. Love the serenity of the canoe floating along the water. So peaceful! Thanks for sharing these! You must be a professional photographer, because these are quite beautiful! Thanks for following me too!

  3. tom, thanks for the follow. Looking forward to exploring your site and pictures. I’m from Illinois, but have spent a lot of time in Northern Wisconsin, Maine, and Vermont. Where are these shots from?

  4. I love the cool, fresh crispness of your images. After suffering through the hottest summer on record, I am looking forward to the cooler weather.

  5. Again, very nice & well done. In relation to this, there are areas around here that are somewhat the same as what you have pictured. However, the trees are not quite as big. I do have one question, if I may. How do you get your Images that large? Mine are not as big. Thank you in advance. Cheers, Les

    1. Hi Les, the size of the image is dependent on the theme template you use for your blog. I actually switched my theme about 3 months ago simply to get my photos to be larger. The old template I was using did not allow me to scale up my photos which I found dissatisfying!

  6. Would love to go canoeing and watch the signs of Spring like delicate leaves emerging on tree branches. It would be fun to float down a river and maybe catch a site of a beaver swimming near it’s den or a great blue heron standing in a frozen slanted position until quick as lightning it spears a fish.

    Today I saw an awesome sight. I was driving in the countryside heading to Hocking Hills State Park when I noticed a huge winged bird flying towards me. At first I thought it might be a turkey vulture. When it was closer, I was pleasantly surprised to see it was a bald eagle, which is a rare sight for this area of Ohio

      1. Yes, they are. We have a nesting pair near Dayton, Ohio which is where I live. I have seen them before up around Lake Erie, but never in the central section of the state. When I was working as a State Park Chief Ranger of Interpretation I was privileged to see bald eagles courting. The male flies in a circle around the female while they are both in mid flight. When I first saw this, I didn’t realize they were bald eagles. Later when I was working on an interpretative writing for the park kiosks on unusual courting habits of wildlife, I discovered those were bald eagles we had seen from our park office window.

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