The Quiet Pond

10 thoughts on “The Quiet Pond”

  1. Your descriptions make me feel like I am there witnesses this. We have some beaver here in my urban neighborhood. They started appearing a few years ago. We have a memorial park next to a lake where citizens had purchased trees to be planted as a memorial to a loved one. Unfortunately those trees no longer stand as they have become a part of the beaver lodge. It is great to see beaver here as it is a sign that the quality of the water in our rivers is improving.

  2. One summer, we spent a few tranquil days in Boundary Waters area. Our campsite was near a beaver lodge and one morning at dawn, I watched a beaver couple swimming together in ever expanding circles. They touched noses, then one swam away and the other returned to lodge.

    1. The Boundary Waters are only a hundred miles or so from where I am located! As you might know, there are a lot of beavers in northern Minnesota! That sounds like a nice morning in the Boundary Water! : )

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