One Morning

6 thoughts on “One Morning”

  1. Your pictures bring back fond memories of working in Virginia at state parks that had swamps in them. First Landing State Park (formerly Seashore State Park and Natural Area… it was originally named this because part of the park is located on the Chesapeake Bay and the rest of the park has bald cypress swamps and brackish marsh lands… name changed to First Landing because the Jamestown settlers made their first landing on the brackish marsh area of the park in 1607) located in Virginia Beach has beautiful bald cypress swamp that is teaming with lots of wildlife from spotted turtles and owls to chuck’s wills widow and water moccasins. I remember doing some owl calling with another naturalist in early April. We found out quickly that mating season wasn’t the best time to do owl calling. We kept getting dive bombed by owls we couldn’t see clearly because they are silent flyers. I miss those days of working in a natural area.

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