How Rare It Is…

22 thoughts on “How Rare It Is…”

  1. Thank you kindly for the follow. Your photography is stunning. I found the following poem in college (sorry for the length). It’s better to read a short verse than holler when trapped inside at my desk, so I read (spacing is in original).

    In A Valley of Peace (by Ella Higginson)
    This long, green valley sloping to the sun,
    With dimpling, silver waters loitering through;
    The sky that bends above me, mild and blue;
    The wide, still wheat-fields, yellowing one by one,
    And all the peaceful sounds when day is done
    I cannot bear their calm monotony!
    Great God! I want the thunder of the sea!
    I want to feel the wild red lightnings run
    Around, about me; hear the bellowing surf,
    And breathe the tempest’s sibilant, sobbing breath;
    to front the elements, defying death,
    And fling myself prone on the spray-beat turf,
    And hear the strong ways trampling wind and rain,
    Like herds of beasts upon the mighty plain.

  2. These are beautiful pictures. I love landscape photography. Somehow it always seems like hands-off gardening. The words on the ‘boat’ suggests it’s in a National Park. I’d love to know which one.

  3. Beautiful blog and I really like the title. How often I feel that when I visit Sweden where forests are plenty and surround tranquil lakes.
    Your photos seem to show early autumn but whenever the season, the stillness is there.
    Where the grass and trees can speak.

  4. How lovely, the changing season. Fall’s leaves, the overturned canoe on the shore. I’ve begun to clean out my wildflower garden, and the geese are flying overhead in larger V’s, now. 🙂

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