Swamps and Wetlands

9 thoughts on “Swamps and Wetlands”

  1. I spent years of my life equating “swamp” with the Great Dismal Swamp. Then, I started visiting Louisiana, and discovered that “seasonally flooded woodland” was a better description than “dank, muddy, reptile infested horror.” Your photos really capture the liveliness of a swamp: places I understand now as being almost continually in motion, and not at all dismal. With spring coming, it may be time for a return trip.

  2. I too love swamps, and hitherto thought it was unusual (few in my circles share this reverence).
    I even read Walden, but don’t recall Thoreau agreeing with me.
    I like the tree-laden swamps myself, and they’re always a good place for bird-watching.


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