79 thoughts on “Photography”

      1. Yes, I love your blog. Oh, I thought only places close to arctica could see the aurora. I went on the web once to see which day is the best day to see the aurora. But several days before and after, the airfare to Alaska was sky high. In what season you can see aurora in northern Minnesota?

      2. You can see the aurora in any season really. Just depends on what the solar activity is like! It really comes down to being in the right place at the right time!

  1. Words cannot describe ………made me cry ……truly beautiful
    Having to work around your blog slooooooooooowly:):):):):):)

      1. Understatement! …….the best I get usually is dandilions poking through cracks in pavements or trying to outstare the cat ….have you ever tried to outstare a cat? …’s a tricky business:D:D:D
        The only word I have to sum up your blog at the moment is…

        Its going to take a little time to inhale fully ….sublime…truly:)

  2. Lovely, lovely shots. The beaver chew made me smile. I look forward to your blog, sharing the same love of the outdoors! Thanks for your good work and for sharing your good eye!

  3. Whoa! How far was the dark wolf from you when you too the first picture in the gallery? We saw a teenage mountain lion on my trip to Carmel

  4. Your photos are really and truly outstanding. Please keep posting!!! They definitely inspire me to get out and experience nature. Thank you for also following my blog :-).

  5. Stunning photos! I love them. I like the concept of your blog. It is similar to my thoughts, thanks for following me on motherearthconnections. Hopefully we aren’t just preaching to the choir with these, and maybe we can get people to realize the importance of nature and encourage people to protect it and spend more time in it. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

  6. Dear Tom,

    these picures are indeed priceless; from the osprey to the great grey owl, they all whirled me away to a world were nothing but beauty of nature reigned. every moment you have frozen in time speaks thousand words; every picture has a story of it’s own. I’m awed by your talent to capture the sheer intensity in the gaze of the wolf or the gentle lapping of the quiet waters.

    Thanks to you, I was there.

    wish you the very best!

  7. Your photographs of wildlife are amazing! The Owl, the Wolf (?) the Deer, the pawprint, the blizzard….the bonfire. I could go on and on. I wish I could manage to capture birds as well as you do. I have Robins nesting in my garden and I sat for two days with my Telephoto lens trying to capture a good shot. They were all out of focus 😦

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