The Flow of Wildness

“To me, a wilderness is where the flow of wildness is essentially uninterrupted by technology; without wilderness the world is a cage.” -David Brower P.S. Thank you to all who helped out with reaching my research funding goal! This blog was not intended to solicit donations but yesterday called for desperate measures! Enjoy! Continue reading The Flow of Wildness


“The reason to preserve wilderness is that we need it. We need wilderness of all kinds, large and small, public and private. We need to go now and again into places where our work is disallowed, where our hopes and plans have no standing. We need to come into the presence of the unqualified and … Continue reading Preservation

Majestic Happenings

  © Tom Gable “Yesterday I went for a walk over and around Marjorie (a small lake near my cabin). On my way there I frightened a brown thrasher that had hid himself in the swamp grass around the creek that runs out of Josephine (another small lake just to the southwest of Marjorie). I … Continue reading Majestic Happenings

Northern Spring

Spring has finally reached Michigan. Some birds are singing in the trees as others rest from the long migration north. The sunshine is slowly pulling out the leaves from the trees and the daffodils are glowing brilliantly. What a beautiful time of year! Beneath the pictures I have posted a poem I wrote a little … Continue reading Northern Spring