How Wild It Is!

  “How delightful it is to be alone here! How wild everything is – wild as the sky and as pure! Never shall I forget this big, divine day – the Cathedral and its thousands of cassiope bells, and the landscapes around them, and this camp in the gray crags above the woods, with its … Continue reading How Wild It Is!

Dawn of Creation

“I used to envy the father of our race, dwelling as he did in contact with the new-made fields and plants of Eden; but I do so no more, because I have discovered that I also live in “creation’s dawn.” The morning stars still sing together, and the world, not yet half made, becomes more … Continue reading Dawn of Creation

Sculpting of Earth

“People talk about creation as a remote fact of history, as if it were something that was attended to a long time ago, and finished at the time. But creation was not an act; it is a process; and it is going on to-day as much as it ever was. But Nature is not in … Continue reading Sculpting of Earth

Writings of Aldo Leopold

 On this fine spring day, I think of the beautiful writing and prose of Aldo Leopold who saw the entire worth of the natural world. Leopold was a true visionary who sought the preservation of the wilderness in the United States. His thinking about the natural world and how it operates was before his time, … Continue reading Writings of Aldo Leopold

Static Peak

“I have thought briefly about getting caught in rock slides or falling from a rock face. If that happened, I would probably perish on the mountain in much the same way many of the big animals do. I would be long gone before anyone found me. My only wish would be that folks wouldn’t spend … Continue reading Static Peak