Of Distance and Becoming

Of Distance and Becoming “We don’t tend to ask where a lake comes from. It lies before us, contained and complete, tantalizing in its depth but not its origin. A river is a different kind of mystery, a mystery of distance and becoming, a mystery of source. Touch its fluent body and you touch far … Continue reading Of Distance and Becoming

Snowy Silence

Snowy Silence The other day I was out snowshoeing and exploring the northern forests that are covered in a deep solemn snow. All life seemed still. The silence echoed for miles and I felt lost in a different world, a different place. Every once and awhile a chickadee or pine grosbeak would break the stillness … Continue reading Snowy Silence

Stillness of Winter

The pictures posted below have been shared on here before but there is something about them that always touches a deep vein of sentiment for me. It is something about the intangible qualities of winter silence, the utter hush that lays upon the land, the sound of nothing but the natural world. It is haunting … Continue reading Stillness of Winter